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Collaborative and Consultation Division

A new Division was established in 2009 to function as an instrument for collaborative research and to transfer scientific knowledge and technologies developed at the IFS to the society at large. Although the IFS has an excellent record with respect to research publications, its impact on national development had been very low. His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka as the Chairman of its Board of Management has therefore suggested that the IFS should develop a mechanism for knowledge and technology transfer. The CCD chaired by the Director and facilitated by a Coordinator, will promote, regularize and monitor collaboration of IFS projects with outside organizations including the private sector and encourage IFS scientists to engage in productive consultations. Only projects of National importance and those having an impact on National Development would be entertained. Any interested parties for collaboration and Consultation, i.e. Universities, Research Institutes, NGOs & CBOs registered in Sri Lanka, Corporate & Private sector organizations, should contact The Director, IFS for further details.

Coordinator - CCD

Prof. S. A. Kulasooriya


  1. Name of applicant:
  2. Address & affiliation to the Institution/Organization: Telephone numbers, Fax number (if any) and e-mail address (if any)
  3. Institution/Organization (Please mark one of the following categories):
    • University/Higher Educational Institution/Research Institute/Govt. department etc.
    • Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)/Community Based Organization (CBO)
    • Corporate sector/Private company In case of (b) and (c) please provide the Registration Number with the Government of Sri Lanka.
  4. Area of collaboration/consultation :
  5. Title of Project/s:
  6. Brief description of the project/s (maximum 100 words per project):
  7. National importance and/or potential impact of the project/s on national development:
    • Collaboration, Consultation or Commissioned research.
    • Contributions expected from the IFS.
    • Contributions from the applicant organization
  8. Name and address of the officer signing the agreement with the IFS (should be the Head of the Organization or an officer authorized by him). Please channel your application through the Head of your organization.

* Kindly note that your preliminary application will be considered by the CCD and if successful you will be called for a discussion

Please send the completed application form to the Director Institute of Fundamental Studies, Hantana Road, Kandy, Sri Lanka
or E_mail: / Fax: +94 812 232 131

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Current Research Collaborations

  1. Biomass and carbon sequestration in the natural forests of the dry zone.
    Collaborating institutions:
    Mr. A. Sathurusinghe, Deputy Conservator, Dept. of Forestry, Battaramulla.
    Prof. W.A.J.M. de Costa, Dr. T. Sivanantheverl, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya

  2. Developing a risk map for dengue incidence in Mawanella
    Collaborating institutions:
    Dr. Jagath Gunatilake, University of Peradeniya
    Dr. Abdul Haji, Medical Officer in Health, Mawanella Hospital, Mawanella

  3. Heavy metal uptake and bio-adsorption by plants
    Collaborating institutions:
    Dr. S..S. Iqbal , Dept. of Chemistry, Open University of Sri Lanka, Nawala
    Prof. Namal Priyantha, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Peradeniya
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