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Project Description

Sri Lanka has an immense wealth of plants. Everywhere one looks, there are green plants. According to the last enumeration, there are 3,154 species of flowering plants in Sri Lanka, with 348 species of ferns, 788 species of mosses and liverworts, and over 1,000 species of lichens. Nearly one in four flowering plant species is endemic to Sri Lanka. Apart from 894 species of endemic flowering plants, 49 species of ferns are also endemic to Sri Lanka.

However, recent surveys have shown that about 44% of flowering plants are threatened. Major areas covered in this program include a) taxonomic and biogeographical studies of flora of Sri Lanka, b) preparation of the National red list for flora, c) sustainable of use of plants, d) factors affecting the conservation of flora of Sri Lanka including Invasive Alien Species, and e) restoration ecology.

Research Group

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