National Institute of Fundamental Studies

Project Description

Climate change is one of the most discussed issues in global communities today. It has been identified as a major threat to natural and man-made ecosystems and human civilization in the 21st century and thereafter. There is strong evidence that increasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and several halocarbons in the atmosphere are the principal cause of long-term climate change. Investigation of the ways of mitigating the effects of climate change is of paramount important since there is no particular region or country that is immune to climate change.
Our climate change studies group is working on three major aspects.

  1. Determining the carbon sequestration dynamics of Sri Lankan forests to understand their potential to act as a sink for increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  2. Conducting experiments to find out the correlation between climate changes and spreading epidemic diseases in Sri Lanka.
  3. Identifying the relationships between the spread of dengue virus, climate parameters and social conditions.

Research Group

Chief Technical Officer

Ms. R.S.M.Perera

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Laboratory Attendant

Mr. R.B.Hapukotuwa

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Research Facilities

Plant tissue culture, GC determination of fatty acids, heavy metal determination in plants and soil.