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Project Description

EEB is proud to be in the forefront of basic research in Biodiversity.

Basic research in biodiversity covers every aspect of ecosystem function. Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding how ecosystems are modified by the loss of biodiversity. Ecosystems sustain human lives and diversity of species is important to maintain healthy ecosystems. We at IFS believe that biodiversity loss is the single most significant challenge facing not only Sri Lanka but also the entire planet. Biodiversity loss is also a hindrance to achieving sustainable development.

Studies in my lab depend on student interest, and are currently on plants and animals in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems worldwide, with a special focus on the Western Ghats-Sri Lanka biodiversity hotspot. Most of our resources are devoted to understanding how species are formed (evolution, speciation, adaptive radiation) and lost (habitat loss, extinction), with plants, animals and microorganisms as model systems. Most of our time is spent in the field. In the lab, we apply morphological, molecular and behavioral methodology to collect the data needed to answer questions of interest. Currently, species-level systematic and ecological work in my lab focus on spiders, earwigs, pseudoscorpions, scorpions and the orchid genera Dendrobium and Bulbophyllum. These finding are then shared through papers published in peer reviewed journals.

If you are interested in joining my lab and you are committed to a carrier in research, please write to me stating you research interest and carrier plans. Financial support is available through local and international grants. Students are also encouraged to write their own grant applications. Exhalent lab facilities are available. Read more...

Research Group

Post-doctoral research fellow

Dr. C.I. Clayton

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Chief Technical Officer

Mr. N.Athukorala

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Research Facilities

  • TOC analyzer
  • UV- Visible Spectrometer
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