National Institute of Fundamental Studies

Project Description

The natural products chemistry research group at the IFS is conducting research in the following areas in order to identify environmentally friendly antioxidant, antifungal, cytotoxic, phytotoxic bioactive compounds originating from natural sources that will help to improve the quality of human life.

  • Current Research
  • Plants secondary metabolites
  • Fungal toxins, isolation and bioactivity
  • Microbial transformations
  • Potential uses of proanthocyanidins from Tea
  • Chemistry and bioactivity of edible fruits of Sri Lanka
  • Value added products from under-utilized fruits of Sri Lanka

Research Group

Group Leader

Prof. U.L.B Jayasinghe

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Research Professor

Prof. N.S. Kumar

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Senior Staff Technical Officer

Mr. D.S. Jayaweera

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