National Institute of Fundamental Studies

Project Description

Our initial research activities were on plant tissue culture, particularly haploid induction (in Datura metel and Brassica napus), somatic embryogenesis, inter-specific hybridization between Brassica napus and B. juncea, and plant regeneration in the indica varieties of Oryza sativa. The present research focus is on the ecology of plants on the Ussangoda serpentine soil, heavy metal accumulation by aquatic and terrestrial plants, and studies related to climate change in Sri Lanka. This includes the determination of carbon dynamics in the natural dry zone forests of Sri Lanka where the species composition and their contribution to biomass are different to the wet evergreen forests in the wet zone. Investigations are also being conducted on the role climate and other variables contributing to the high incidence of dengue fever, a mosquito borne vector disease, which has shown a drastic upsurge in the last year. The objective is to prepare a risk map using GIS based methodology, to combine the various contributing social and environmental parameters.

Research Group

Chief Technical Officer

Ms. R.S.M.Perera

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Laboratory Attendant

Mr. R.B.Hapukotuwa

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Research Facilities

Plant tissue culture, GC determination of fatty acids, heavy metal determination in plants and soil.

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